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How Do Search Engines Evaluate Content On Web Pages

Content is one of the most important factors that search engines take into account when deciding the position of a website. It is the content that enables classification of a website and that defines what a website or a web page is about. To determine website's topic and position, search engine robots crawl over all web pages and the content of each is taken into account.
Algorithms on which these analyses are based are very complex and are taking into account several important factors. As a result of performed analyses of crawled web pages, search engines will come up with a map of words and phrases that appeared in the content, which will decide whether or not your content will be shown as a result when somebody enters related key phrases as search queries.
This semantic map defines the relationship between search queries and the content, enabling search engines to match the two in the best possible manner. If the content does not semantically mach to the entered search queries, the website does not stand a good chance to show up in results.
That is why relevance, keywords and overall 'theme' of the site play important role in its ranking.
When planning a structure of your site, pay attention to the navigational elements. They will likely be repeated on all pages of your website and although search engines recognize them as navigational parts and do not include them in estimations of website's uniqueness, they still do have an important role. They direct the content and explain what your website is about, so make certain to include your main keywords in these navigational parts.
Search engines will give greatest attention to the sections that bear the real content and that they analyze in terms of uniqueness. Uniqueness and how search engines perceive it, is one of the most important factors that decide what websites you will see as top results for some search query. To be able to come up with relevant and correct results, search engines are also 'judging' the content and taking into account how the community is responding to it. Link analysis is the important part of this process and the sites we are linking to are sometimes as important as the back-links we are receiving from other relevant sites.
Other factors that are taken into account are whether is the web content available on other websites as well, what is the length of each page - a few sentences or more than 500 words, is the keyword density too high or too low and many more.

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