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How Your Website Content Can Affect Your Link Building Strategy

Content is the most invaluable element of every website and it is the main factor that will determine many SEO strategy aspects that you are going to implement. Link building is also one SEO aspect that your content will predominantly define. The success of your link building efforts will be closely related to what your pages are about and how many web masters will want to link to your content.

Take for example Website A, made on a given topic, with nice design and solid articles that are focusing on that topic. Still, there are at least dozens of other equally solid websites with articles that are exploring that topic and have been indexed by search engines for a much longer period than our website A. That means that a website A has a problem - why would anyone want to link to it? It does not offer anything new that other, older websites have not already exploited. It is quite possible that the website A will manage to gather several backlinks towards its article web pages, however it will never manage to get established by search engines as a leader. In order to achieve that, our website simply has to introduce something unique and new to the present market.

Luckily, there is always something new, or left unsaid that one website can offer. It can be a solution to some difficult problem that no one of the competitors has tackled before. It can also cover the same topic as its competitors, but presenting some high quality video recordings that complement the articles, which the competitors do not possess. In addition, the website A can choose to deepen its specialization and focus on a specific sub-niche and develop it to thinnest details, revealing information on the subject that previously could not be found on the Internet. All of these are excellent methods that website A could use to establish itself as a leader among the competition in that particular field.

The best thing you could do is to plan your website's placement in advance. You need to do a research on your competitors and determine where and how you can establish yourself as an expert in the field and authority at the market. All of this is mandatory if you plan to capture search engine traffic related to your market.

When looking into your content, do not limit yourself only to think about what you have. You should also consider what new and innovative things you could reveal and develop.

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