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How to Develop A Proper SEO Plan Prior to Developing Your Website

Nowadays, it is a common expectation and requirement to include search engine optimization as early as possible into the website development and building strategy. SEO should be considered in early stages, such as choosing the CMS (content management system), as well as deciding on the website's architecture and development of the content. Many businesses make a mistake of finishing their websites completely, filling them with content, and only then consulting SEO experts. In these cases, unfortunately, the load of work to be done is much heavier and many things will have to be reapplied from scratch.
SEO planning involves several action procedures that are crucial and also affect other business aspects such as marketing, content development, sales and many more. It is therefore best to apply search engine optimization strategies from the very beginning. Otherwise, a lot of work and effort will be spent in vain, instead of being focused in proper direction from the start. Wrong SEO choices in early stages of the website development can cost an owner a lot of resources and nerves. It can easily happen that the entire CMS will have to be replaced, the whole architecture and the website's content changed and re-phrased, only because he or she did not consult the SEO experts on time.
Several business factors may influence your SEO strategy:
- Business model
It makes a difference if a website has a purpose to sell products, to obtain leads or to advertize.
- Who Are Your Target Visitors
You need to define prior to developing a website, whom will you try to reach with it. Define major characteristics of your target audience - whether it is a specific age or gender group, or people who are looking for a solution for some specific problem.
- Analysis of Your Competitors
The profiles of your competitors will have a great importance and will affect your SEO strategy and planning. You can use your knowledge about your competition to turn your efforts in the less exploited directions and take advantage of their missed opportunities. It will help you to know how much effort your competitors have invested to reach their current position, so you can estimate how much you need to get past them.
- Your Budget
Your budget is an important factor in your SEO planning and it will mostly determine the quality and amount of content you will be able to provide on regular basis to remain competitive in your niche and your market.

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